PR agency Walkie Talkie invited us to the Open bedrijvendag (open company day) preview, visiting the Belgocontrol Air Traffic Control tower in Brussels!

It was a beautiful sunset evening, giving us some awesome images.

About Open Bedrijvendag

Every first sunday of October since 1991, hundreds of companies from a myriad of sectors open their doors for the audience.
With hundreds of thousands of visitors the event has been a success every time. Visitors get the opportunity to discover how their favourite products are made, how companies operate, where your neighbor works, … Completely for free!

About Belgocontrol

Belgocontrol is the Belgian air navigation and traffic service provider for the civil airspace for which the Belgian State is responsible.
It was created in 1998. Belgocontrol is a member of the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation, and is integrated into the Functional Airspace Block Europe Central.

In Belgium, its zones of activities extend up to flight level 245 (24,500 feet (7.5 km; 4.64 mi)), including the control of the airports of Brussels, Charleroi, Liege, Antwerp and Ostend. In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, they apply between flight levels 145 or 165 up to flight level 245.

The sectors above flight level 245 fall within the competence of the Eurocontrol centre in Maastricht, to which Belgium has delegated air traffic control for its upper airspace.

(source: WikiPedia)