In the UK with the new BWM X2 thanks to Dockx Rental

Dockx Rental invited us to spend the weekend in the UK with the brand new BMW X2 they have in their fleet.
The new X2 performs as you would expect from a BMW, flawlessly.
We feel the retail price is a bit too high, so pick one up from Dockx, and take it out for a few days!

We’d been planning on crossing the pond for a while now, this was the perfect opportunity.
No preparations, just a return ferry ticket, and off to the Queen’s country. Righto.

Crossing the channel is surprisingly simple, P&O Ferry, an hour and a half wait (we even got the Lounge upgrade),
and drive right back off at the cliffs of Dover.

From there we made our way to Hastings where we found the cutest little hotel (Fawlty Towers, anyone?),
Eastbourne and Brighton where we spent the night at the quite fabulous Jurys Inn.

On the way to Brighton we had to visit the world famous Beachy Head, and yes, the view is stunning.
And bloody dangerous.

Back to the motherland on Sunday night, drop off the car, a perfect little get-away.