Testing the new Microsoft Surface Book 3

Microsoft Belgium was so kind as to send us the quite spectacular Microsoft Surface Book 3 for a few weeks!

The build quality of this new flagship powerhouse laptop is very nice. Designed and manufactured to precision.
It detaches with the touch of a button to a full-blown tablet (while the keyboard houses a stronger GPU and more batteries).

Some of the things we loved:

  • Fantastic build quality
  • Great keyboard, taps away very nicely, much better than even the new 16″ Macbook Pro
  • USB-A ports, no dongle life just yet!
  • One USB-C port, we did expect a few more
  • Magnetic charger, and the power brick even has a USB-A port for charging! Extra points.
  • Windows Hello. Love everything about it. Log in with your face, almost instant, boom
    • That being said, I usually work clamshell mode, so it’s usually not available. Back to the good ol’ pincode!
  • The impressive hinge, very sturdy, keeps up the quite heavy display that doubles as a tablet, and looks fantastic
  • Of course the fact that the display detaches from the keyboard to transform into a big screen tablet

Thanks to everything being a cloud service anyway these days, we were up and running in about an hour.
Swapped out some cables at the desk, and presto, good to go at the workplace or on the go in no time.

Sleek device, feels very durable, high quality, professional. Well done, Microsoft.